Hey! I’m Alan.

I'm a student in crippling debt at the best university in NYC on the Honors Computer Science track. I'm currently looking for software engineering internships💻 for 2021 and research opportunities🔬.

I am a department tutor at NYU for CS102 Data Structures, where I mostly help procrastinating students debug code🚮 that is due in in a few hours.

This summer, I'll be a software engineering intern at {internship_company_name_TBD}.

I also play for the NYU Men's Golf Team🏌,️ where I whack a little white ball around and attempt to avoid lakes and tall grass.

I was also a Java☕ Teacher and Curriculum Developer at KTBYTE.

In my spare time, I torture myself by running💨 long distances. Sometimes I also go to the gym🏋️ so I can fit into my size small t-shirts😢. I occasionally throw money into stocks📉 or index funds📈 because apparently thats how people get rich.

Check me out!

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